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Asterisk Modules 1.4.0 Released

Added new dialplan variables. Fixed support for the option "f" in MRCPSynth(). Added support for SIP timers.

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UniMRCP 1.4.0 Released

This is a first release rolled out from the GitHub repository. The release provides minor improvements and fixes to existing functionality. The log routine has been enhanced to support multiple log sources and flexible filterning rules. Support for CMake-based build has been initially added.

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UniMRCP Dependencies 1.4.0 Released

The APR library has been upgraded to the latest version 1.5.2. A memory leak in processing of SIP OPTIONS requests has been fixed in the Sofia-SIP library.

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Asterisk Modules 1.3.1 Released

Re-factored MRCPSynth() to feed synthesized speech to Asterisk directly from the MPF callback. Fixed support for the option i=any in MRCPRecog().

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APT Repository Launched

Binary packages for Ubuntu 14.04 LTS are available for immediate download. Packages for other Debain-based distributions can be produced upon request. Also, a new Advance Package Tool (APT) repository is launched.

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