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AWS Polly Plugin 1.2.0 Released

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Polly Speech Synthesis Plugin 1.2.0 to the UniMRCP Server (UMS) has been released.

The plugin is based on the following components:

  • UniMRCP Server 1.6.0
  • AWS SDK 1.5.16

The binaries are currently available for the following Linux distributions:

  • Red Hat / CentOS 7 (unimrcp-polly-1.6.1-1.el7.x86_64.rpm)
  • Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (unimrcp-polly_1.6.1-xenial_amd64.deb)

This release addresses several issue and also introduces ability to split SSML content into multiple segments.

The detailed list of changes introduced in this release follows.
New Features
  • Set an alarm in the status file if the license server is not reachable for a certain period of time, but the service is not yet affected. Clear the alarm as soon as the license server becomes available. See Section 6.2 in the Usage Guide.
  • If 'bypass-ssml' is set to false, and multiple voice elements are present in supplied SSML, then the content is split into multiple segments per voice element. Each segment is sent to the service in a sequential order. Streaming to the client is started as soon as synthesis of the first segment is complete.
Fixed Problems
  • Added support for optional parameters set in the header field Content-Type [application/ssml+xml; charset=utf-8]. Fixed interoperability with Genesys PureConnect.
  • If an annual node-bound license is used, the expiration time of the license could be provisioned incorrectly, requiring a restart of the service in order to continue normal operation.
  • If a SPEAK request is stopped when synthesized speech is being streamed to the client, then the remaining part of the synthesized speech could be left in media buffer and be streamed on a consecutive SPEAK request received in the scope of the same MRCP session.
Configuration Parameters
  • None.
  • Print out an error cause, if the method DescribeVoices fails.
  • Updated the Usage Guide to reflect the changes introduced in this release.

Visit the Polly plugin page for more information.


Thank you for using UniMRCP.

Arsen Chaloyan
Author of UniMRCP

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