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Azure SR Plugin 1.15.0 Released

Microsoft Azure Speech Recognition (SR) Plugin 1.15.0 to the UniMRCP Server (UMS) has been released.

The plugin is based on the following components:

  • UniMRCP Server 1.7.0
  • Microsoft Speech WebSocket Protocol
  • Libevent 2.1.9
  • Rapidjson 1.1.0

The plugin supports the following endpoints:

  • Speech Service (regional)
  • Custom Speech Service (regional)
  • Speech Service (containerized)
  • Custom Speech Service (containerized)

The binaries are currently available for the following Linux distributions:

  • Red Hat / CentOS 7 (unimrcp-azure-sr-1.7.5-1.el7.x86_64.rpm)
  • Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (unimrcp-azure-sr_1.7.5-xenial_amd64.deb)
  • Ubuntu 18.04 LTS (unimrcp-azure-sr_1.7.5-bionic_amd64.deb)

This release adds support for dictation mode and also provides a few fixes and enhancements.

The detailed list of changes introduced in this release follows.
New Features
  • Added support for dictation mode (continuous speech transcription) in addition to interactive mode (single utterance).
  • When a STOP request is received, close the WS connection straightaway without waiting for normal completion. This change also allows to unconditionally release the associated license.
  • If a WS close message is received from the service or the WS connection is closed by the service, a new connection is created on processing of the next RECOGNIZE request.
Fixed Problems
  • When the service unexpectedly sends a WS close message with a reason "Instance is shutting down", the next RECOGNIZE request could fail by possibly causing a license depletion.
Configuration Parameters
  • Added new attribute 'single-utterance' to the element 'ws-streaming-recognition'.
  • Changed default values of 'speech-incomplete-timeout' from 3000 msec to 15000 msec and 'input-timeout' from 10000 msec to 30000 msec.
  • Updated the Usage Guide to reflect the changes introduced in this release.

Visit the Azure SR plugin page for more information.


Thank you for using UniMRCP.

Arsen Chaloyan
Author of UniMRCP

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