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Two Years of UniMRCP Development

UniMRCP turns 2 during the days.

Consistency, stability and overall reliability are what I'm usually trying to achieve not only in this project, but in an everyday life. Time has proved how much I was right creating this project. UniMRCP has been evolved probably a bit slowly, but consistently and reliably, welcoming everyone interested in the project and bypassing possible troubles we all meet from time to time in our life.

Overall integrity and stability of the software, current level of support, a number of developed solutions and readiness for commercial deployments make management of the project more easier and predictable now.

What to expect from the project in the nearest future.
I'll roll out 1.0.0 release in a month, most probably by the end of May. No new major features will be added in the meantime. It'd be better to stop for a moment and polish what we have for now. But don't worry, new features will follow up thereafter in Q2.

What I expect from all of you.
First of all, I need your help in all what the development of an open source project incurs. Commercial support options are becoming more and more actual. This is probably the most viable and mutually beneficial option I have seen so far. Also, I'm looking forward to strengthen the relationships basically established with companies located all over the world. There have been contacts mostly from US, a few from Europe and I'm glad to notice increasing activity from Russia recently.

In addition, I have a few items on the list to discuss with you. These items include a major and a few minor, but still important to me tasks, which I'm trying to sort out now probably for Q3 and so on. I'll follow up with separate posts next week.

Please stay tuned and thanks for using UniMRCP.
Arsen Chaloyan
The author of UniMRCP

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