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UniMRCP 0.2.0 Released

UniMRCP 0.2.0 version (r586) is available to download:


The major addition is MRCPv1 client/server support.
Now UniMRCP supports both MRCPv2 and MRCPv1 as it was announced.

Changes since previos release (r503)

- Implemented RTSP client/server stacks required for MRCPv1
functionality (libs/uni-rtsp)
- Updated MRCP client/server stacks to support MRCPv1 internally in
the core (no API changes)
- Implemented new signaling module required for RTSP/MRCPv1
integration (modules/mrcp-unirtsp)

- Updated MRCP client API (added new event handlers)
- Updated Windows build routine (no more "prebuild.vcproj" is
required, instead "prepare.vcproj just copies required dlls and

- Introduced interruptable pollset API (apt_pollset_t) on top of APR's
pollset (apr_pollset_t)

- Updated Cepstral plugin (added speech language lookup table)

- Updated documentation

Plugins interface remains intact, therefore version number of the
plugins isn't changed (0.1.0) and is still compatible with both
releases of UniMRCP (0.1.0 and 0.2.0)

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