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UniMRCP 0.6.0 Released

UniMRCP 0.6.0 (r930) has been released and now is available for download.

Source Distribution

Windows Installer

Windows SDK Installer

Windows Installer has been built using
- APR-1.2.12
- Sofia-SIP-1.12.10 + patch submitted to issue-25
- Visual Studio 2005 (release build)

This is a bug fix release, which contains mostly backward compatible minor API changes.

Changes since previous release 0.5.0 (r828) include:
- Modifications on MRCP headers (Patrick, issue-17)
- Fixed crash of client stack in case of error, when answer contains no SDP
- NAT related enhancements (Garmt, issue-12)
- Enhancements of prosody-volume and prosody-rate params (Bayram, issue-18)
- Fixed string tables of MRCP headers
- Fixed processing of DEFINE-LEXICON request (Mahmoud)
- Fixed processing of consecutive SPEAK and STOP requests (Mahmoud, issue-23)
- Added support for resource discovery (SIP OPTIONS and RTSP DESCRIBE) in server stack (Bayram, issue-19)
- Fixed potential dead lock in MPF layer
- Added CSeq header field in RTSP Announce event generated by server (dbansal, issue-21)
- Enhanced MPF layer to avoid additional transformations when possible (virtualson)
- Reworked RTSP client stack, fixed interoperability with Acapela MRCPv1 server (Garik, issue-22)
- Added resource discovery API to client stack (chaojenh, issue-24)
- Fixed crash on Ubuntu 64bit (Chaitanya)
- Fixed sporadic crash, while referencing dangling pointer in network client/server stacks (Garik)
- Fixed file handle leak in demo synthesizer plugin
- Modified the logger to be able to create and use the same singleton object in core and plugins (Garmt)
- Fixed several valgrind warnings related to memory initialization and usage

Thanks for using UniMRCP.
Arsen Chaloyan

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