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UniMRCP 0.7.0 Released

UniMRCP 0.7.0 (r1064) has been released and now is available for

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This release fixes a few significant issues, which affect project usability under high load (stress testing).
It also introduces new ASR and TTS plugins based on open source PocketSphinx and Flite engines respectively.

Changes since previous release 0.6.0 (r930) include:
  • Using wakeable pollset in MRCPv2 server and client stacks
  • The terminate Remaining RTSP Sessions does not free all sessions (Anthony Masse, Issue-26)
  • Open log file in binary mode (Anthony Masse)
  • Allow trailing slash in RTSP URIs (V.Batrak)
  • Fixed crash while processing malformed SDP message
  • Failed to Find Channel errors (cpsoares, Issue-27)
  • Fixed the remaining issues related to message segmentation (Anthony Masse)
  • Fixed crash of client stack caused by race condition in mrcp-sofiasip module
  • Fixed potential crash of server stack (mrcp_session_destroy() should be called last)
  • Fixed potential crash of client stack (do not reference session object, since response to termination request has been sent)
  • Fixed conditial jump which depends on uninitialized value in mpf_decoder and mpf_encoder
  • Introduced wrappers around APR pool creators
  • Using rotation between multiple log files, instead of rollover in a single file (Anthony Masse)
  • Added LPCM codec as linear 16bit PCM codec in host order, while L16 is linear 16bit PCM codec in network order (Christopher Rienzo)
  • Added acinclude.m4 to allow autoreconf -i to work (Mike Jerris)
  • Fixed Mac OS X build (Mike Jerris)
  • Added PocketSphinx plugin
  • Added Flite plugin (Garmt)
  • Added the NOTICE file corresponding to the section 4 d of the Apache License (Jean-Michel Reghem)
  • RTP port management potential issues (cpsoares, Issue-34)
  • Decimal values in a mrcp_recog_header_t strangely rounded to the nearest tenth in the SET-PARAMS messages (Curatica, Issue-35)
  • Application freeze upon call to mrcp_client_shutdown (cpsoares, Issue-28)
  • Added basic NLSML document processor
  • Enhanced state machines to STOP in-progress SPEAK and RECOGNIZE requests on session termination
  • Stale MRCP sessions upon MRCP link disconnection (cpsoares, Issue-36)
  • Thread safe APR pools (cpsoares, Issue-29)

Thanks for using UniMRCP.
Arsen Chaloyan
The author of UniMRCP

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