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UniMRCP 1.6.0 Released

UniMRCP 1.6.0 has been released and can be downloaded from the following location:

The recommended version of the UniMRCP dependencies is:

This release enhances the logfile rotation routine and also adds support for syslog. There are minor fixes in the client and server stacks.
The client application and plugin integration interfaces retain backward compatibility. Everybody is encouraged to upgrade.
The detailed list of changes introduced in this release follows.
APR-toolkit library
  • Reworked log file rotation routine.
  • Added support for syslog on Linux.
MPF library
  • Use APT_LOG_MARK for log statement(s) of mpf_activity_detector to address linker errors using VS.
MRCP common library
  • Fixed parsing of MRCP messages containing leading whitespace(s) in the message body.
MRCP server library
  • Fixed a race condition issue in the synthesizer state machine caused by concurrent SPEAK-COMPLETE event and BARGE-IN-OCCURRED request. (Issue #203)
  • Added a new accessor function mrcp_server_engine_get().
  • Association of MRCP resources and engines/plugins can now be specified dynamically per MRCPv2 session.
RTSP library
  • Respond to incoming RTSP OPTIONS requests with success. This method is used to check the availability of the server.
Sofia-SIP module (MRCPv2 agent)
  • Fixed MRCPv2 resource discovery routine of the client stack to populate multiple resources specified per single SDP media. Thanks Tobias. (Issue #213)
  • Added support for feature tags set in the SIP header field Accept-Contact received in an initial SIP INVITE message.
UMC sample application
  • Added virtual destructors to base classes UmcSessionEventHandler and UmcSessionMethodProvider.
  • Set Confidence-Threshold to 0.5 for sample recog session.
  • Made DTMF recog scenario/session on par with speech recog.
  • Made speech language configurable for synth scenario.
  • Added mrcp_sofiasip_task.h and mrcp_sofiasip_task.c files to VS2005 project file as well.
  • Fixed maintainer-mode warnings with GCC 7.3.1. Thanks Tobias. (Issue #213)
  • First check the name of a command-line input not to be NULL before further parsing the command. The change applies to all the applications. (Issue #223)
  • Added a new default configuration file logfile.xml.
  • Set AR_FLAGS to [cr] in configure.ac in order to suppress link-time warnings caused by newer version of libtool 2.4.6.
Thank you for using UniMRCP.

Arsen Chaloyan
Author of UniMRCP

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