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Launching UniMRCP Membership Program

Your prospective membership aims to support the development and also allows access for additional resources available to members only such as binary packages accompanying and complimenting regular releases.

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Coverity Scan Successfully Passed

Coverity Scan, a robust static code analysis tool, initially reported more than 50 potential defects in the UniMRCP source code. Although nothing major affecting a real use-case popped up, among the reported issues were potential NULL pointer dereferences, an overflowed array index read, overlapping buffer copies and some others, which are undoubtedly worth having fixed.

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UniMRCP Package for Asterisk 1.2.0 Released

This is a minor release which is built upon the latest and up-to-date components of UniMRCP and Asterisk. The installer scripts have been enhanced. The Asterisk manual has been updated as well now covering all the major installation, configuration and usage details.

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UniMRCP 1.2.0 Released

This release provides a number of improvements in various integral components of UniMRCP. One of the major additions is the ability to better scale and withstand high load conditions. The implementation of the SDP offer/answer model has been enhanced to properly handle the cases where capabilities of two endpoints do not match. Two potential crashes in the client and server libraries have been fixed. A new NLSML parser interface has been implemented. Debugging capabilities have been enriched.

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UniMRCP Dependencies 1.2.1 Released

The APR library has been upgraded to the latest version 1.5.1. A new function apr_thread_name_set() has been added to the APR library. The Sofia-SIP library has been patched to address a major issue related to the use of gcc 4.8 and above on Linux and also to support WSAPoll() on Windows.

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