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Google SS Plugin 1.2.0 Released

This release adds support for collection of synthesis details records (SDR) and synthesized waveforms, which can be later analyzed and listened offline.

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Google SR Plugin 1.9.0 Released

Speech contexts now can optionally be used not only as a hint but also a basic grammar. Allow to specify the format of the confidence score returned in the NLSML results based on a new configuration parameter. Control whether or not to include alternatives with a confidence score below the specified threshold.

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Kaldi SR Plugin 1.2.0 Released

This release enhances grammar referencing routine and also improves barge-in experience.

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Asterisk Modules 1.5.1 Released

Added support for Asterisk 15. Fixed processing of some error cases. SynthAndRecog app now allows to specify different profiles for synthesis and recognition.

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Bing SR Plugin 1.4.0 Released

This release addresses interoperability with Cisco CVP and also fixes an issue related to stopping no-input timer encountered under certain circumstances.

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