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Asterisk Connector Bridge 0.3.0 Released

I would like to announce the new release of UniMRCP connector bridge for Asterisk.

The connector bridge is prepackaged with the latest Asterisk- and UniMRCP-r1744 (> 1.0.0). However, previous versions of Asterisk and UniMRCP are supported as well. This release contains several enhancements in both res_speech_unimrcp and app_unimrcp modules.

Changes in res_speech_unimrcp include
  • Made an enhancement to SpeechLoadGrammar to be able to specify an input grammar as a URI too. (Raymond)
  • Fixed compilation of res-speech-unimrcp module for Asterisk 1.4.
  • Fixed processing of Set-Input-Timers header field.
  • Set an interpreted result based on the <instance> element instead of the <input> one.

Changes in app_unimrcp include
  • Changes required for version 1.2 of Asterisk (Issue-64, Igor, Derik)
  • Added missing '{' to compile with the released UniMRCP version too. (Issue-65, Igor)
  • Bug fix to check if codec descriptor could be obtained (Derik)
  • Added support for ABNF grammar (Issue-76, Assanta, Derik)
  • Bug fix to speech_channel_destroy (Issue-72, Assanta, Derik)
  • Addition of request-timeout configuration parameter (Derik)
  • Bug fix to address issue 80  - checking for speech channel state while waiting for audio frames in MRCPRecog (Assanta, Derik)
  • Removed incorrect check for resf which was fixed at -1 anyway (Assanta, Derik)
  • Added SYNTHSTATUS and RECOGSTATUS variables so that problems can be detected in the dialplan (Assanta, Derik)

The released package can be downloaded from

For the installation, configuration and usage please refer to the wiki page

Thanks for using UniMRCP.

Arsen Chaloyan
The author of UniMRCP

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