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Loquendo and UniMRCP Enable Creation of Multilingual Speech Applications for Asterisk

Certified Interoperability of Loquendo MRCP Server with UniMRCP Connector Bridge.

Loquendo, a leading provider of speech technologies worldwide, and UniMRCP, an open source MRCP project, announce the interoperability of the Loquendo MRCP Server (in its version LSS 7.0) with the Asterisk open source IP telephony platform via the UniMRCP Connector Bridge. The integration is based on MRCP (Media Resource Control Protocol), the widely adopted IETF protocol.

Loquendo MRCP Server supporting MRCP v1 and v2, both for Windows and Linux, is a server solution for speech-enabling large-scale telephony applications, such as contact centers and message reading services. Loquendo MRCP ServerIt enables enterprises to significantly reduce costs by interacting with customers via a speech interface - reliable, natural and intuitive to use.

UniMRCP is an open source cross-platform MRCP project, which provides everything required for the implementation and deployment of both an MRCP client and an MRCP server. UniMRCP encapsulates SIP/MRCPv2, RTSP, SDP and RTP/RTCP stacks and provides integrators with an MRCP v1 and v2 user level API.

Loquendo has certified the interoperability of its ASR and TTS, integrated via Loquendo MRCP Server, with the UniMRCP Connector Bridge. Loquendo speech technologies are thus available for enriching and simplifying large-scale telephony deployments on the widely adopted Asterisk Platform, such as IP PBX systems, VoIP gateways, conference servers, etc.

The interoperability with UniMRCP enables integrators to exploit the whole range of Loquendo ASR and TTS functionalities by means of a client-server architecture - flexible, standards-based, supporting multiple operating systems, and so greatly reducing overheads for your customer in terms of hardware investments and maintenance by hosting speech resources on a dedicated server.

“I am always looking to expand the list of MRCP vendors the UniMRCP project is known to work with. The successful interoperability with a speech technology leader such as Loquendo is a very valuable event for the UniMRCP community. Loquendo's voices sound natural, and the recognition results are always accurate,” says Arsen Chaloyan, author of UniMRCP.

“The UniMRCP project is an important initiative which has proved itself to be of invaluable assistance to speech technology providers and integrators of telephony solutions,” says Roberto Pacifici, Product Manager for Loquendo MRCP Server. “This integration makes Loquendo speech technologies, in all 30 languages, available for the Asterisk environment enabling rapid deployment of custom solutions for large-scale, speech-enabled telephony deployments for call centers, self-service applications, auto attendants, and much more.”

See the UniMRCP Connector Bridge press release.


About UniMRCP
An open source MRCP Project: www.unimrcp.org
Contact Arsen Chaloyan: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


About Loquendo
Awarded Speech Industry ‘Market Leader’ for the past four consecutive years, Loquendo provides a complete range of speech technologies for server, embedded and desktop solutions – in 30 languages with 72 voices, and constantly growing.

Loquendo TTS, Loquendo ASR and Loquendo Speaker Verification empower people to interact with technology in the most natural way possible – using their voice – creating a next-generation client experience while saving businesses millions each year. Also integrable via the Loquendo MRCP Server and VoxNauta VoiceXML, CCXML & SCXML platform, Loquendo speech technologies power millions of calls every day in the telecommunications and enterprise markets across the globe. Loquendo TTS and ASR are also available as Loquendo Embedded Technologies, deployed in more than 14 million devices worldwide in embedded and mobile environments.

Loquendo is a Telecom Italia company headquartered in Turin, Italy, with offices in the US, UK, Spain, Germany and France, and a global network of partners. For more info, and to hear Loquendo TTS for yourself, go to www.loquendo.com.

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