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Speaker Verification and Identification Resource Supported

I would like to announce the availability of the speaker verification and identification resource for the UniMRCP project.

Speaker verification is a voice authentication methodology that can be used to identify the speaker in order to grant access to sensitive information and transactions. In speaker verification, a recorded utterance is compared to a previously stored voiceprint which is in turn associated with a claimed identity for that user.

Speaker identification is the process of associating an unknown speaker with a member in a population. It does not employ a claim of identity.

This addition allows applications utilizing the UniMRCP client stack to use verifiers and identifiers residing on the MRCPv2 compliant servers. Also, verification and identification engines can be integrated into the UniMRCP server as plugins.

In the meantime, a typical verification scenario, integrated into the UMC client application as well as a simulated, demo verification engine, plugged in the UniMRCP server have already been implemented and available in the trunk. To initiate a sample verification scenario from the UMC client application, do the following

- upgrade to the trunk (r1778)
- upgrade your current configuration (unimrcpclient.xml, unimrcpserver.xml and umcscenarios.xml may need to be upgraded) or just use the default configuration files
- input "run verify" from the UMC console:

Thanks for using UniMRCP.

Arsen Chaloyan
The author of UniMRCP

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