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UniMRCP 0.1.0 Released

UniMRCP 0.1.0 version (r503) is available to download:


Changes since last upload (r431)

- Introduced version numbering of UniMRCP client and server libraries.
UniMRCP derives version numbering policies from APR (http://
Basically version number is triplet of integers: MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH.
Patch version changes simply retain source and binary compatibility,
introduce no API changes and contain only bug fixes.
Minor and major version changes may introduce new features and API

- Introduced version numbering of plugins
The same version numbering policies are used for plugins, However the
versions of the plugins and the library itself may differ and have not
to be synchronous. Each version of UniMRCP server just knows the
versions of plugin it's compatible with.

- Added Cepstral plugin.
Fully functional synthesizer plugin.

- Changed ouptut directory layout (VS2005)

- Added more configurable parameters.

- Updated UML documentation, Wiki pages.

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