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UniMRCP 0.3.0 Released

UniMRCP 0.3.0 version (r644) is available to download:


For the first time Windows installer package is also available to

The installer provides several options to install such as:
* UniMRCP server
     * Cepstral synthesizer plugin
     * Demo synthesizer plugin
     * Demo recognizer plugin
* UniMRCP client (demo application)

If UniMRCP server option is enabled, the installer also registers
UniMRCP server as a Windows service, which can be started on demand.
If Cepstral plugin is enabled, Cepstral voice(s) should be obtained
and installed as a separate package to have fully functional UniMRCP
and Cepstral integrated MRCP TTS server solution.

For the first time Windows SDK installer package is also available to

This package installs everything required for UniMRCP based client,
server and plugin development.

Changes since previous release (r586)
- Enhanced UniMRCP server to be able to run as a Windows service or
Unix daemon.
- Enhanced logging capabilities to be able to output the logs to the
console and/or log file.
- Modified output/installed directories layout (added data and log
- Slightly modified client API (dir layout must be provided as an
input parameter instead of conf dir).
- Increased plugin version to 0.2.0 as plugin interface is binary
backward incompatible.
- Added Innosetup installer package stuff (packages/inno-setup).
- Minor changes in configuration files.

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