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UniMRCP 1.1.0 Released

UniMRCP 1.1.0 has been released and can be downloaded from the following location:

  •     Source Distribution
  •     Dependencies (based on APR-1.4.6, APR-Util-1.5.1, Sofia-SIP-1.12.11)


  •     Windows Installer (32 and 64-bit)
  •     Windows SDK Installer (32 and 64-bit)

This release includes the changes which have been available in the trunk for a long period of time. The major additions have been:
  • Support for Speaker Verification and Identification resource.
  • Support for Nuance Resource Manager (SIP redirection with 300 Multiple Choices).
  • Support for Visual Studio 2010.
  • Enhancements in the RTP jitter buffer.

There have been numerous other issues fixed. See below for a more complete change-log.
  • Added missing recognizer header fields used for voice enrollment (speaker-dependent recognition).
  • Added support for custom MRCP header fields.
  • Added init.d script. The script was originally submitted by pdeschen. Thanks.
  • The function apt_log_file_open() makes a copy of dir_pass and file_name variables passed from a user application.
  • Set the default profile name in umcscenarios.xml to "uni2".
  • In the PocketSphinx plugin, instead of using one common timeout for detection of speech activity and inactivity, use two different timeouts: one for activity and the other for inactivity detection.
  • In the recognition results sent from the PocketSphinx plugin, set both <instance> and <input> elements.
  • Added support for SIP redirection with 300 Multiple Choices used by the Nuance Resource Manager.
  • Added support for feature-tags set in the SIP Accept-Contact header field in an outgoing SIP INVITE message sent to the Nuance Resource Manager.
  • Use strcasecmp() instead of apr_strnatcasecmp() to match RTSP resource names (Issue-94).
  • Added support for speaker verification and identification resource.
  • Fixed a race condition in the PocketSphinx plugin which caused the server to crash.
  • Added sample 8kHz and 16 kHz voiceprints in the data directory which are used by the umc application for a sample verification scenario.
  • Added a new accessor function to the client API to get an audio stream associated with the specified channel. The function name is mrcp_application_audio_stream_get().
  • Added missing recognizer methods used for voice enrollment and interpretation.
  • Updated the state machine of the recognizer resource to take into consideration requests, responses and events used for interpretation.
  • Fixed the use of recognition timer in the PocketSphinx plugin.
  • Applied a patch to the apt_log routine which allows the log file to be appended instead of being overwritten. The patch was submitted by Dani. Thanks.
  • Added a new parameter to the function apt_log_file_open() which specifies whether the log file should be appended or overwritten.
  • Set an MRCP version specific completion cause in the PocketSphinx plugin.
  • Tweaked DTMF detector's energy thresholds to eliminate false positives during in-band (from audio) DTMF detection. Thanks Vali.
  • Added the ability to retrieve an external object associated with the MRCP session through the log handler (apt_log_ext_handler_f).
  • Fixed the formatting of float values in the header fields. Applied a patch submitted by Randy (Issue-108). Thanks.
  • Fixed an interoperability issue with AVP. The mid attribute is not required when the SDP contains only one m-line.
  • Fixed the processing of a response to the SIP OPTIONS request used for resource discovery (Issue-112).
  • Added mandatory attributes for the SSML <speak> element in the sample speak.xml file.
  • Took into consideration the RTP marker in order to re-sync the jitter buffer on a new talkspurt. Audio data loss could be experienced in the RTP receiver in case of consecutive SPEAK (for client) or RECOGNIZE (for server) requests.
  • Modified the "prepare" utility project to use the new location of PthreadVC2.dll which is now built from source with other dependencies.
  • Fixed the build of C++ MRCP plugins for platforms other than Win32. Thanks Vali.
  • Instead of discarding a non-aligned RTP packet, adjust the timestamp and write available frames to the jitter buffer (Issue-122).
  • Fixed a crash in the RTSP client stack when the server closes a TCP connection while the associated RTSP session is being destroyed (Issue-124).
  • Fixed the processing of RTSP TEARDOWN requests being timed out. Applied a patch submitted to Issue-125 by Chris. Thanks.
  • Took out unused tags (variables) to compile with Sofia-SIP 1.12.11.
  • Added support for Visual Studio 2010.
  • Fixed apt_log_output_mode_check() which returned TRUE if any mode was enabled or checked regardless their correspondence. Thanks Vali.
  • Added a new constructor function unimrcp_client_create2() which allows to pass the client XML configuration not by a file, but rather by a string parameter. Thanks Vali.
  • Added the ability to take and use parameters set by the plugin in a response to the GET-PARAMS request. Thanks Vali.
  • Fixed the processing of more than one pending application requests upon reception of a SIP BYE message from the server.
  • Enhanced the debug output by adding task message identifier to the log statements "Signal Message" and "Process Message".
  • Fixed a potential crash related to the use of pollsets.
  • Added support for Sofia-SIP's TPTAG_LOG() and TPTAG_DUMP() tags which can be enabled from the client and server configuration to print out and/or dump SIP messages.
  • Fixed the loading of the client configuration parameter <offer-new-connection>.
  • Added support for the adaptive jitter buffer. Applied a reworked patch submitted by Erik. Thanks.
  • Enhanced the detection of a new RTP talkspurt by implicitly setting the RTP marker if a gap between two RTP packets is more than the specified threshold (INTER_TALSKPUSRT_GAP = 1000 msec).
  • Allow the initial playout delay in the jitter buffer to be set to 0.
  • Implemented a time skew detection algorithm for RTP streams. The detection can be enabled and used for both the adaptive and static jitter buffer.
  • Added support for redirection of RTP traces (RTP_TRACE, JB_TRACE) to the debug output window of Visual Studio.
  • Modified the MPF test application to read a raw PCM data from one file, transmit it over RTP, and write the data back to another file.
  • Enhanced helper functions which operate on the MRCP header to properly set, get and inherit header fields (Issue-110).
  • Set the libtool parameters link_all_deplibs and link_all_deplibs_CXX to "yes" by default, with an option to disable them (--disable-interlib-deps), if ever needed. This fixes a link error on recent Debian/Ubuntu distributions.
  • Enhanced the processing of the RTP named events.
  • Enhanced the UniMRCP Windows service manager. Thanks Vali.
  • Added support for a binary recognition grammar used in RecogScenario by the sample umc application. Thanks Vali.
  • Fixed a potential buffer overflow in apt_text_pair_array_insert(). Thanks Vali.
  • Modified the apr.m4 and apu.m4 macros to use '--link-ld' instead of '--link-libtool --libs' for the APR library dependencies. This addresses the problem with a wrong -L path to the expat library.
  • Set prerequisite version for autoconf to 2.59.
  • Added a checking for pkg-config to the configure script.
  • For logging purposes, pass a string identifier of the RTSP/MRCPv1 signaling agent to the RTSP client and server stacks.
  • Remove a socket descriptor from the pollset only if the descriptor has been properly added to the pollset. Otherwise, this operation could cause a crash.
  • Respond to client user application requests with failure if a new session couldn't be created due to an error in initialization of the SIP stack (Issue-127).
  • Added a sample SRGS ABNF grammar to the data directory.
  • When originating an offer from the client, take into account capabilities of an audio stream created by the client user application.
  • Added a new function to the client API to retrieve a SIP/RTSP response code received from the server (Issue-90). The support is incomplete.
  • Added a new option (-v or --version) to the unimrcpserver as well as the sample umc and unimrcpclient applications.
  • Corrected FileType in Windows resources from DLL to APP. Thanks Vali.
  • Added a Windows resource file for the unimrcpservice application.

The client application and plugin integration interfaces retain backward compatibility. Everybody is encouraged to upgrade.

Thanks for using UniMRCP.

Arsen Chaloyan
Author of UniMRCP

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