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UniMRCP Package for Asterisk 1.2.0 Released

UniMRCP Package for Asterisk 1.2.0 has been released and can be downloaded from the following location:


The released package contains the latest and up-to-date components listed below:
  • Asterisk 11.11.0
  • UniMRCP 1.2.0
  • UniMRCP Dependencies 1.2.1
  • UniMRCP Modules for Asterisk 1.2.0

Besides the versions of Asterisk and UniMRCP included in this package, the released UniMRCP modules for Asterisk are compatible with:

  • Asterisk 1.6, 1.8, 10, and 11
  • UniMRCP r1988 and above

Note that Asterisk 12 is not fully supported in this release. While the module app_unimrcp.so can be normally built and used with Asterisk 12, the module res_speech_unimrcp.so needs to reflect API changes introduced in Asterisk 12.

The Asterisk manual has been updated as well. The document currently consists of 30 pages covering all the major installation, configuration and usage details. You may check it out at:


All the installer scripts have been enhanced to accept optional parameters. So, the installation procedure can be run in an attended or silent (unattended) mode. The installation directory can also be customized. For more information, use the option -h with a particular script.

A complete list of changes made in the UniMRCP modules for Asterisk follows.

1. Generic Speech Recognition API (res_speech_unimrcp.so) 
  • Take into consideration CONFIG_STATUS_FILEINVALID, which ast_config_load() may return since Asterisk 1.6 and above.
2. Dialplan Applications (app_unimrcp.so)
2.1. MRCPSynth()
  • If ast_write() fails, store such an occurrence in the logs but do not set the SYNTHSTATUS to ERROR.
2.2. MRCPRecog()
  • Fixed the detection of file play complete event.
2.3. SynthAndRecog()
  • Added missing </para> tag in XML documentation.
2.4. Framework
  • Pass along loaded request-timeout to the RTSP client stack too.
  • Added telephone-event to the list of supported codecs in the default configuration file mrcp.conf.
  • Provided more comments in the default configuration file mrcp.conf.
  • Encapsulated ast_config routine in the function load_mrcp_config().
  • Took out local functions from header file and declare them static.
  • Hand over file and line markers received from unimrcp logger to ast_log().
  • Simplified speech_channel_read() and speech_channel_write() a bit. All the sanity checks are performed down the road, anyway (Issue-172).
  • Added debugging capabilities to speech_channel.
  • Mapped APT_PRIO_INFO (UniMRCP log level) to __LOG_NOTICE (Asterisk log level) to help rule out common configuration mistakes faster.
3. Miscellaneous
  • Added/fixed support for DESTDIR.
  • Enable silent build rules (--enable-silent-rules)and use silent build by default.
  • Set ac_macro_dir variable manually, since newer versions of autoconf don't do that.
  • Take into consideration m4 macro files generated for libtool 2.
  • Fixed help string displayed for the option --with-asterisk-version.
  • Pass no-define to AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE in order not to define PACKAGE and VERSION.
  • Do not use autoconf generated compiler DEFS by replacing confdefs.h after AC_INIT, AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE and AC_PROG_LIBTOLL getting called.
  • Updated definition of the macro AX_COMPILER_VENDOR and moved it out from configure.ac to a separate m4 file.
  • Disabled DEFAULT_INCLUDES provided by automake.
  • Added generic apr_common.m4 in order to use helper m4 macros APR_ADDTO() and APR_CONFIG_NICE().
  • Generate ./config.nice to reuse ./configure command-line.
  • Turn off the build of static libraries for Asterisk modules.
  • Moved the target install-data-local to module specific Makefiles to install the default config file only when the corresponding module is enabled.
  • Enhanced ./configure report.

Thanks for using UniMRCP.

Arsen Chaloyan
Author of UniMRCP

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