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YUM Repository Launched

UniMRCP users,

I would like to inform you that a long-awaited Yellowdog Updater, Modifier (yum) repository has been set up and is now available for use.
The yum is not only a recommended but also much more convenient way of installing UniMRCP and all the required dependencies. Should you need binaries or libraries and header files, included in development kits, you may delegate tracking of complicated dependencies to yum and get everything installed with simple commands.
For instance, in order to install the UniMRCP server, you may use the command
yum install unimrcp-server
In order to implement a plugin or integrate the server library into your application, the required development kit can be installed with

yum install unimrcp-server-devel
Similarly, for implementation of user client applications, you may need to install the client development kit
yum install unimrcp-client-devel
For more information, please read the documentation RPM Installation Manual, which covers both YUM and also manual RPM installation.
Let me once again emphasize that the installation of binary packages are available to UniMRCP members only. Become a member, support UniMRCP, and benefit from hassle-free installation. There will be more coming throughout the year.
Thank you for using UniMRCP.
Arsen Chaloyan
Author of UniMRCP

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