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Bing Speech Recognition Plugin 1.0.0 Released

IVR platforms can now utilize the Microsoft Bing Speech API via MRCP.

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Google SR Plugin 1.3.0 Released

This release introduces reporting of recognition details records, adds usage monitoring capabilities and also provides a couple of minor fixes in the existing functionality.

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UniMRCP 1.5.0 Packages Published

Binary packages for UniMRCP 1.5.0 release have been published and can be retrieved via the corresponding repositories.

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Asterisk Modules 1.5.0 Released

Added support for Asterisk 14. Fixed several stability issues. Added support for 16 kHz sampling rate in app_unimrcp.

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Google SR Plugin 1.2.0 Released

This release fixes interoperability with GVP and adds support for license server.

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