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Asterisk Connector Bridge 0.3.0 Released

The connector bridge is prepackaged with the latest Asterisk- and UniMRCP-r1744 (> 1.0.0). However, previous versions of Asterisk and UniMRCP are supported as well. This release contains several enhancements in both res_speech_unimrcp and app_unimrcp modules.

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UniMRCP Announces Interoperability with STC

UniMRCP announces the successful interoperability between its MRCP client and VoiceNavigator, an IVR solution developed by STC. Comprehensive certification tests guarantee excellent and fully compliant operation between products utilizing the UniMRCP client stack and VoiceNavigator.

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UniMRCP 1.0.0 Released

This release is a result of the development continuously lasting more than two years. The open source initiative works. There have been a number of successful deployments since 0.7.0 release. I cannot recall any major API change or an outstanding issue encountered meanwhile. All these make me think it is the time for 1.0.0 now.

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Public MRCP Server and Partnership Possibilities

I want to explore in more details one of the basis ideas, which is getting more and more mature. The idea is simple and clear enough to build and/or launch a public MRCP server. The word "public" has the following meanings in this scope.

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Two Years of UniMRCP Development

Consistency, stability and overall reliability are what I'm usually trying to achieve not only in this project, but in an everyday life. Time has proved how much I was right creating this project. UniMRCP has been evolved probably a bit slowly, but consistently and reliably, welcoming everyone interested in the project and bypassing possible troubles we all meet from time to time in our life.

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