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Premium Membership

Premium Membership


Maintenance of open source UniMRCP components is covered by membership program. The components include:

  • UniMRCP client and server libraries
  • UniMRCP modules for Asterisk


Source packages are publicly available to everyone. Binary packages can be retrieved from corresponding UniMRCP repositories by users registered for a free UniMRCP account.

Supported Distributions

Maintenance for one particular Windows or Linux distribution is covered by the membership program. If your organization is interested in multiple Windows and/or Linux distributions, maintenance for additional distributions can be contracted separately.

On-demand Releases

A new software release for any of the components covered by the membership program can be produced on demand. The supporter membership allows to request up to two on-demand releases per term.

Extended Trial Licenses

Extended trial licenses are provided for all the UniMRCP-based commercial products.


A 10% discount on commercial support and feature development services is included in the premium membership program.

Activation Date

A membership program can be activated on any calendar day.

Expiration Date

A membership program lasts one year. The membership may be renewed or allowed to expire afterwards.


If you have any questions regarding the membership process, please contact us.

Duration: 1 year
Price: $1,200