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File Name: unimrcp-deps-1.2.1.zip
File Size: 5.66 MB
File Type: application/zip
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OS: Windows
Release Date: Jun 27 2014
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This package contains 3-rd party libraries and tools required to build the UniMRCP project.

1. APR (Apache Portable Runtime) library

* Description: APR is the base portability library.
* Version: 1.5.1
* Base: http://www.unimrcp.org/dependencies/apr-1.5.1-win32-src.zip
* Patches: http://www.unimrcp.org/dependencies/apr-1.5.1-patches.zip
* Notes:
  * In the original distribution of the APR library, which can be downloaded from the location
    specified above, operations on memory pools are not thread-safe. Whereas, the version of the
    APR library included in this package is patched to make the memory pools thread-safe.

2. APR-util (Apache Portable Runtime Utilities) library

* Description: APR-util provides a number of helpful abstractions on top of APR.
* Version: 1.5.3
* Base: http://www.unimrcp.org/dependencies/apr-util-1.5.3-win32-src.zip
* Patches: http://www.unimrcp.org/dependencies/apr-util-1.5.3-patches.zip
* Notes: APU_HAVE_APR_ICONV and APU_HAVE_ODBC are disabled.

3. Sofia-SIP library

* Description: Sofia-SIP is a SIP User-Agent library, compliant with the IETF RFC3261 specification.
* Version: 1.12.11-213-gcfeb1a1
* Base: http://www.unimrcp.org/dependencies/sofia-sip-1.12.11-196-g8cb7baa.zip
* Patches: http://www.unimrcp.org/dependencies/sofia-sip-1.12.11-213-gcfeb1a1-patches.zip
* Notes:
  * The version of the Sofia-SIP library included in this package is rebased on top of the master
    branch of the Sofia-SIP's git repository at 1.12.11-196-g8cb7baa.
  * The source files are checked out from git using core.autocrlf set to true. The tool mawk.exe is
    used by the script autogen.cmd to prepare the source tree for Windows build. This allows all
    text files to have the native file ending.
  * Instead of the bundled binary distribution of pthreadVC2.dll, a source package of the library
    Pthreads-win32 is distributed. This allows to build the corresponding binary for a particular
    configuration (debug/release) and platform (win32/x64).

4. Pthreads-win32

* Description: Pthreads-win32 provides the POSIX threads API for Windows.
* Version: 2.9.1
* Base: http://www.unimrcp.org/dependencies/pthreads-w32-2-9-1-release.tar.gz
* Patches: http://www.unimrcp.org/dependencies/pthreads-w32-2.9.1-patches.tar.gz


This package is compatible with UniMRCP 1.1.0 r1930 and above.



Before building the dependencies included in this package, retrieve a source distribution of the
UniMRCP project and copy it into a local directory.


1. Unpack the package and copy its content to the UniMRCP directory.
2. Open one of the available solution files and build the solution.
   For Visual Studio 2005, use unimrcpdeps.sln.
   For Visual Studio 2010, use unimrcpdeps-2010.sln.


* http://www.unimrcp.org/downloads/dependencies
* http://www.unimrcp.org/dependencies
* http://apr.apache.org
* http://sofia-sip.sourceforge.net
* http://sourceware.org/pthreads-win32