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Asterisk 16.17.0 Binary Packages Published

Please be informed that binary packages for Asterisk 16.17.0 built with UniMRCP modules 1.8.0 have been published. The packages are available for Red Hat / CentOS 7, 8 and Ubuntu 18.04, 20.04 LTS.

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Asterisk Modules 1.8.0 Released

This release extends the helper function RECOG_INTSNACE() and fixes a few issues related to the use of codecs requiring translation from the native format.

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Google SR Plugin 1.20.1 Released

This is a patch release which fixes support for the inter-result timeout.

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Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Packages Published

Please be informed that binary packages for Ubuntu 20.04 LTS have been published and can be retrieved via the following APT repository.

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Google SS Plugin 1.11.0 Released

The Google account credentials can now be specified by the user application per MRCP session. The release is built against a newer version of Google APIs.

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