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Verbio SR Plugin 1.0.0 Released

IVR platforms can now utilize Verbio Speech-to-Text API via UniMRCP Server.

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Google Dialogflow Plugin 1.26.0 Released

This release introduces two new minor capabilities and fixes a regression introduced in GDF 1.24.0 release.

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Flexible License Distribution Supported

Flexible license distribution supported allowing for a more efficient use of licenses.

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Google SR Plugin 1.26.0 Released

This release is built against a newer version of Google APIs and makes features previously available for v1p1beta1 only available for v1 too. The release also adds support for transcript normalization available in v1p1beta1 API only.

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Azure SR Plugin 1.24.5 Released

This is a patch release which fixes a possible segfault when the service endpoint closes WebSocket connection without sending a turn.end event.

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