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Azure SR Plugin 1.27.0 Released

This release adds support for phrase list, language identification and speaker diarization.

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Google SR Plugin 1.29.0 Released

This release introduces support for the Google Speech-to-Text v2 API. The support for the v1 and v1p1beta1 APIs remains intact.

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Google Dialogflow Plugin 1.27.1 Released

This release fixes a minor issue in setting the language for Dialogflow CX agents based on the SRGS XML grammar.

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Nuance SR Plugin 1.2.0 Released

This release adds support for the NRaaS API which can optionally be used in addition to the ASRaaS API.

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Azure Bot Service Plugin 1.7.0 Released

This release fixes a few issues in the use of the 'stt-dsc' API.

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