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Google Dialogflow Plugin 1.18.0 Released

This release adds support for Dialogflow v3 API complimentary to v2, v2beta1 and v3beta1 APIs. The API version as well as Google account credentials can now be specified by the user application per MRCP session. The release is built against a newer version of Google APIs.

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AWS Lex Plugin 2.1.0 Released

This release improves support for concurrent sessions by using a native implementation of async network I/O over HTTP/2. The release also adds support for eliciting a specific slot in an intent and fixes output audio format.

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Azure SR Plugin 1.17.0 Released

This release provides a few fixes and enhancements to the existing functionality.

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AWS Lex Plugin 2.0.0 Released

The new Lex V2 API recently introduced by Amazon is now supported in the mainstream version of the Lex plugin.

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AWS Lex Plugin 1.6.1 Released

This release is built against a newer version of AWS SDK.

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