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Cepstral MRCP Server

I would like to introduce Cepstral MRCP server as the primary UniMRCP
based solution.

I want Cepstral to be recognized as the main contributor and sponsor
of UniMRCP project.
Cepstral offers its TTS voices via MRCP using open source UniMRCP

Learn more about the solution:

Also read the press release about successful interop of Cepstral's TTS
voices, Aculab's Prosody platform and UniMRCP between:

Arsen Chaloyan
The creator of UniMRCP.

LumenVox MRCPv2 Interop

I would like to announce the successful interoperability between UniMRCP client and LumenVox ASR MRCPv2 server. This is the follow up to the successful MRCPv1 interoperability.

UniMRCP client stack can be used as a building block to provide connectivity to LumenVox MRCPv1 and/or MRCPv2 servers.
Please check out the Wiki page dedicated to the LumenVox interoperability.

It provides typical configurations and sample network captures. You may also add comments and share your experience there.

LumenVox - Automatic Speech Recognition Vendor (www.lumenvox.com)
UniMRCP - Open Source MRCP Project (www.unimrcp.org)


UniMRCP 0.5.0 Released

UniMRCP 0.5.0 (r828) has been released and now is available for download.

Source Distribution

Windows Installer

Windows SDK Installer

Windows Installer has been built using
- APR-1.2.12
- Sofia-SIP-1.12.10
- Visual Studio 2005 (release build)

This release contains significant improvements in RTSP/MRCPv1 and MRCPv2 parser and transport stacks. Thus everybody is welcome to upgrade. There are no interface changes introduced in this release, but a minor enhancement in logger (apt_log), which is fairly easy to adapt. Version number of plugin also has been increased (0.3.0). You need just to recompile/build your plugins against the released source.

Changes since previous release 0.4.0 (r722) include
- Fixed Aculab MRCPv1 client interoperability (the issue concerned RTSP/MRCPv1 stack mentioned above )
- Fixed processing of error conditions in client and server
- Supported manual NAT traversal in case of SIP/MRCPv2/RTP and RTSP/MRCPv1/RTP (no STUN yet)
- Made possible to run multiple instances of unimrcpclient on the same host.
- Updated recognizer header (added missing fields)
- Improved documentation and project infrastructure

Thanks for using UniMRCP.

UniMRCP 0.4.0 Released

UniMRCP 0.4.0 version (r722) is available to download:

Source Distribution

Windows Installer

Windows SDK Installer

Changes since previous release (r644)
- Enhanced RTSP parser (session-id, transport headers)
- Enhanced demo scenarios (speak.xml, grammar.xml)
- Configurable MRCPv1 resource names
- Enhanced RTSP offer/answer (RTSP-SETUP contains no SDP)
- Enhanced codec negotiation (own preference, ...)
- Improved support for vendor-specific-params
- Supported multiple plugins of the same resource
- Enhanced MRCPv2 offer/answer (new and existing connections)
- and more ...

New Website Launched

The new UniMRCP website has been launched. This site contains improved layout and navigation. It allows viewing dynamic content such as recent announcements and discussion topics. The content will be continuously updated during 2009 and hopefully there will be more announcements to follow up.

Wish you all happy and prosperous new year.

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